ClickLearn for oracle

ClickLearn for Oracle

Record your work instructions in Oracle and turn them into a complete multi-language enabled e-learning portal, with video guides, on-screen assistant and multiple formats of written instructions.


Oracle UPK Alternative

Oracle announced in January, 2018, that support for Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) will be coming to an end. This has left many UPK users wondering how they are going to produce their learning materials, simply and efficiently in the future. Fortunately, ClickLearn not only has a solution to this problem but can offer a better solution to creating and maintaining your work instructions.

ClickLearn for Oracle is your ‘out of the box’ solution to solving your system training headaches. Quick to install, we guarantee you’ll be producing work instructions in moments, not hours. See for yourself, get in contact today for a no-obligation demonstration or trial. 

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ClickLearn offers a wide range of features to automate the creation of work instructions

Hover, Click & Record

ClickLearn records complicated work processes in popular business software, producing multi-language learning materials available 24/7 from any device.

7 formats of learning

ClickLearn produces the right learning format for any training situation. 3 video learning formats, show me, try me and test me. A learning portal with step by step instructions, offline documentation in the form of .pdf and .docx. Powerpoint for classroom training and ClickLearn Assist, a virtual assistant on hand whenever your users are stuck. 

ClickLearn Assist

ClickLearn Assist is your go to helper whenever you’re stuck, in need of process help or trying out a new process on the live system. Accessible from directly within your business system, you never need to worry about making a mistake again.


Auto-translate all your learning materials at the click of a button. 45 languages and dialects. 100+ digital voices.

Learning Portal

Publish your work instructions as a full e-learning portal, targeted to your audiences and available 24/7 on all devices.

Fast results

ClickLearn is the perfect solution for brand new or existing projects. From the moment it's installed you'll be creating complete work instructions in minutes - not days or weeks.

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