Clicklearn-mascot-new2 (color-fix) FROM KNOWLEDGE TO LEARNING IN MINUTES Without compromise

ClickLearn captures knowledge in the most popular business software, and turns it into learning materials

We are at Connexion 2017 in Madrid on April 26-27

We are proud to be platinum sponsors for the LS-Retail conference in Madrid. With us we bring a huge announcement and two special NAV offers.

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We deliver on our promises Value Propositions

Fast results

If time is of the essense ClickLearn will deliver.
ClickLearn will take a user from process to complete e-learning portal in a matter of minutes – not days or weeks.

No help required

ClickLearn does not rely on consultancy to create end-user value. We provide an easy-to-use application for creating and updating e-learning and documentation for business systems.

Freedom of choice

People do not prefer to learn in the same manner or learning style. ClickLearn can produce learning materials in all relevant formats, from documents to interactive videos and on-screen virtual assistants – from a single source.

Always available

Every employee has 24/7 access to e-learning and documentation created by ClickLearn.
With ClickLearn you have written instructions, videos and live on-screen assistance when and where they need them.

Built for change

Systems and procedures change frequently. Learning materials must be available with the latest revisions. With ClickLearn you only need to record once, and ClickLearn will reproduce any material reflecting the changes you have made to your business system.

Enterprise Enterprise ERP systems

IFS (Original)


IFS is quickly becoming a preferred ERP system for global enterprises. ClickLearn will automate the creation of every work instruction needed.

Oracle (Original)


The Oracle Financials connector enables you to create high quality documentation in your Oracle Financials Java™ based Client.

Microsoft Dynamics (Original)

Microsoft Dynamics

If your business relies on Microsoft Dynamics NAV | CRM | AX, you can also rely on ClickLearn to maintain all your e-learning and documentation.

SAP (Original)


SAP is traditionally known for having very complex processes. With our SAP connector you can document even the most complex process in SAP.

Business applications Productivity and collaboration

Micosoft Office

The Microsoft Office System is the most widely used application suite. Use the Microsoft Office connector to document your vital Office-based processes.


With our Windows connector, you are able to record processes in any Windows-based business application whether it is standard or custom-made software.

Microsoft SharePoint

If your intranet, extranet or collaborative applications are built on Microsoft SharePoint you can rely on ClickLearn to document all your instructions and procedures.


Use ClickLearn to document web-based processes with our browser-connector. Document both custom-made and standard web-based applications.